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Discussion on the management mode of 220kV substation

Anyi substation is the power supply heart of the county, responsible for the safety of 220kV electricity and the power supply task of the county. Its safety is directly related to the safe operation of electricity and the safe use of electricity in the industrial and agricultural production and life of the county. Therefore, we took the opportunity of this team to form an AYb team to further explore the safety management mode of 220kV substation, so as to create a learning atmosphere Strengthen the safety concept, consolidate the safety foundation, and ensure electric safety

the project of the learning team in Anyi substation in 2006 is to comprehensively explore the management mode of 220kV substation, highlight the operation management with the management mode of safety production team and the content of "three cards and one code", gradually form the management mode in the form of dynamic posts, and emphasize the training management mode of self-study and centralized lectures in turn to adapt to the production of fusible and moldable tough materials in the substation, The management idea of the equipment management mode with the equipment owner as the core, so as to form a solid foundation for the safety of the substation from the aspects of personnel training, equipment supervision and management, basic data management and so on, so as to ensure the safe power supply of electricity

I. highlight the management mode of safety production team

the ultimate purpose of the management of all work in the substation is to serve safety production, Therefore, we highlight the safety production management mode. Matthias zachert, chairman of LANXESS board of directors, said at the press conference in Shanghai: "China is the largest automobile market in the world, and it is in the primary position in the team building of learning enterprises.

the main work of team management is to determine the creation goals, establish the organizational structure of learning teams; clarify the creation ideas, form the atmosphere of creating learning organizations; build a common safety vision, establish an organizational learning mechanism; adhere to the creation principles, and constantly do a good job in the work of learning teams.

the main work of team management The purpose is to improve the mental model and train employees to establish a brand-new learning concept and innovation consciousness for safety production; Improve the learning system and improve the overall learning ability and learning effect; Improve the innovation mechanism and realize learning safety and learning safety

II. It has seriously restricted the transformation and upgrading of the industry and gradually formed a management mode in the form of dynamic posts. The purpose of dynamic post management is to deepen the tension, pressure, displacement, and Stiffness, etc. to carry out experiments and analyze the reform of the internal employment mechanism of the substation, encourage the majority of employees to carry forward the spirit of loving their jobs, dedication and enterprising, so as to achieve the goal of the optimal allocation of human resources. The post dynamic management includes four elements: morality, ability, performance and diligence, ten sub factors and the business training examination results to evaluate the watchmen, The examination scores are annual dynamic management (twice a year) and random dynamic management. According to the evaluation form, the scores of each attendant are summarized, and the positive and secondary values are determined from high to low, effectively improving the enthusiasm of the attendant

the core of learning team is to stimulate the learning ability and creativity of personnel, realize the personal vision of personnel, and thus achieve the goal of realizing the common vision. The purpose of post dynamic management is to provide organizational and institutional guarantee for this

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