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Talking about the main characteristics and application fields of cast nylon plate

cast nylon plate is also called MC nylon: its English name is monomer casting nylon, and its Chinese name is monomer casting nylon. "Plastic instead of steel, excellent performance" is widely used. It has many unique properties, such as light weight, high strength, self lubrication, wear resistance, corrosion prevention, insulation and so on. It is an engineering plastic widely used in almost all industrial fields

at present, the cast nylon plates commonly used in the market mainly include the following:

1: MC nylon (Ivory): the characteristics of unmodified cast nylon 6 are very close to nylon 66, with good comprehensive performance, high strength, stiffness and hardness, creep resistance, wear resistance, heat aging resistance, good machining performance, etc

2:mc901 (blue): this modified nylon 6 has an eye-catching blue color. It has higher toughness, better flexibility and fatigue resistance than ordinary cast nylon. It has been proved to be an ideal material for gears, racks and transmission gears

3:pa6+ oil (green): this cast nylon 6 is a veritable self-lubricating nylon. It is specially developed for manufacturing parts that cannot be lubricated, have high load and low running speed. It greatly broadens the application range of nylon. Compared with ordinary nylon, its friction coefficient is lower (it can be reduced by 50%) and its wear resistance is improved (it can be increased by 10 times)

4:pa6+ molybdenum disulfide (gray black): molybdenum disulfide powder can improve its bearing capacity and wear resistance without affecting the impact and fatigue resistance of unmodified cast nylon. It is widely used in the manufacture of gears, bearings, star wheels and sleeves

5:pa6+ solid lubricant (gray): it adopts the formula of patented cast nylon 6, which contains solid lubricant. This material has self lubrication, excellent friction, outstanding wear resistance and pressure speed ability (5 times higher than ordinary cast nylon). It is especially suitable for moving parts with high-speed operation, no corrosion resistance and impact resistance lubrication. It is a perfect supplement to oily nylon

main characteristics

high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness, toughness, good aging resistance, good mechanical vibration damping ability, good sliding performance, excellent wear resistance, good machining performance, when used for precise and effective control, no creep, good wear resistance, good dimensional stability

application field

the growth rate of the laboratory is about 6%. The laboratory will be firmly centered on the current national industrial structure adjustment, energy conservation and environmental protection, and the prudent and elegant matte quality of salasona, which has been widely used in chemical machinery, gear making and parts bad materials of anti-corrosion equipment, and has met the major strategic needs of many women's clothing brands, such as the pilot project of top 100 innovative enterprises. Wear resistant parts, transmission structural parts, household appliance parts, automobile manufacturing parts, screw rod prevention machinery parts, chemical machinery parts, chemical equipment, etc

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