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Discussion on the knowledge structure of packaging design teachers

Cao Zhiqiang, Department of art design, Hunan Light Industry College

[Abstract] through the analysis of the importance of the high-level knowledge structure of packaging design education teachers, it is emphasized that the high-level knowledge structure of teachers must have a high degree, a high degree and a high professional title. Explore the high-level ways of teachers' knowledge structure and new ideas of packaging design education

[Key words] knowledge structure of packaging designer talent team high-level double qualified talents continuing education I. Introduction

the rapid development of China's economy has promoted the great improvement of packaging design level. With the continuous progress of human civilization, the higher the expectation of the comprehensive quality and overall design ability of packaging design talents, the higher requirements are put forward for packaging design education teachers. In order to comply with the changing changes and needs of the times, the knowledge structure level of packaging design education teachers has increasingly revealed its characteristics of the times. How to improve packaging design education, strengthen the construction of packaging design education teachers, and the resulting confusion in the knowledge structure of teachers, is undoubtedly an important topic in front of us. Therefore, it is necessary for us to reflect on the knowledge structure of the teaching staff of packaging design education and think rationally about the current situation. Based on the experience of many years of teaching practice, I plan to discuss with my colleagues with a small discussion. 2、 The importance of high-level knowledge structure of teachers in packaging design education

the fundamental condition of education quality is teachers, and the high-level knowledge structure of teachers is the guarantee of education quality. Packaging design education is no exception, which is an important symbol of measuring academic level and an important condition for creating academic environment. The basic theory of modern packaging design education involves the interconnection and penetration of many disciplines, forming an organic knowledge structure on the edge of each other. The mutual integration between science and art, emerging science, marginal science, new theories and new technologies respond and propose solutions within 2 hours, and the teaching staff engaged in packaging design education should have a wider range of social science, natural science knowledge and higher cultural and artistic literacy. At the same time, there should also be a solid foundation of art and artistic expression skills. Whether it's packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging mechanics, computers, multimedia, Internet In a word, only the specialization of vertical disciplines and the broadness of horizontal knowledge can meet the development and needs of modern packaging design education. For this reason, as the cradle of training packaging designers, packaging design education plays an indispensable leading role, which puts forward a very serious topic for the construction and optimization of the timeliness team of packaging design education and the high level of knowledge structure

the packaging industry started late in China, but its development speed is fast, but the actual level is still low, and there is a big gap compared with the developed countries in the world. The rise of packaging design education benefited from the reform and opening up in the 1980s. In recent decades, the quality and design level of packaging have fluctuated at a low level compared with the international industry, and still can not produce a sudden change and leap. The key is that packaging design education has not kept up, which makes colleagues in the packaging industry and packaging design educators feel an invisible pressure

the reform of packaging design education is a complex and arduous systematic project like the reform of other fronts. Packaging design education is a highly comprehensive frontier discipline. Design itself needs to consider many and complex factors. Therefore, packaging design education is closely related to multi-disciplinary knowledge. Packaging design includes: structural design, modeling design, decoration design, involving packaging engineering technology and packaging decoration content. Packaging structure design refers to the interrelationship between the parts of packaging design, that is, the relationship between the parts of packaging. The relationship between packaging and products, packaging and closures, internal and external packaging coordination, packaging and environment. Modeling design refers to the packaging appearance with practical value and aesthetic effect. Decoration design refers to graphic design with the function of media or promotion. Including pattern, text, trademark, color and arrangement. These three relatively independent and interactive subsystems constitute the packaging design system. In essence, it is the organic combination of material function and spiritual function, scientific principle and aesthetic principle, technological process and artistic creation

we must strive to improve the understanding level of packaging design education teachers on the concept of packaging system, so that their own development can be synchronized with the progress of science and technology and the development of society. We must clearly see that improving the quality of teachers is the key to improving the quality of packaging design teaching, and the high level of knowledge structure of teachers is the touchstone to reflect the high level of packaging design education. One of the prerequisites for the "professional orientation" of packaging design major in Colleges and universities this year is that they must have a certain number of professional professors and associate professors with high-level knowledge structure, high academic qualifications, high degrees and high professional titles, as well as academic leaders of related disciplines. Otherwise, we cannot be justified. The Ministry of education also clearly requires that the proportion of teachers with bachelor's degree or above, heavy rain and doctoral degree in Colleges and universities should not be less than 30% of the total number of full-time teachers. Therefore, the high-level knowledge structure of teachers is the hard index for the survival and development of packaging design education in the future. Its important role and great value will be more fully proved in the knowledge economy society of the 21st century

it can be seen that only by reasonably adjusting the teacher structure of packaging design education, can we teach students new ideas, new knowledge and new skills, and cultivate a new generation of innovative, thinking and personalized creative thinking. At the same time, the development of packaging design education will make the design discipline more diversified. The changes in the content and performance of packaging design and the application of materials force designers to constantly absorb new knowledge. Packaging design educators must see in an all-round way that designers who traditionally rely on personal skills to fight alone cannot meet the requirements of the times, and packaging design education is facing new market positioning and development. Modern packaging design education clearly tells us: as students, we should not only cultivate skilled craftsmen in production skills; As a teacher, once mediocrity is blamed on teachers, the academic concentration will be greatly reduced, and any teaching form will appear weak. 3、 The high-level knowledge structure of the teaching staff must be "double qualified" talents with high academic qualifications and high degrees

after more than ten years of development, China's modern packaging industry has become one of the important pillar industries of the national economy. China's imminent entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) means that it has brought historic opportunities and new challenges to the sustained and stable development of China's economy

packaging design education is an important superstructure to ensure the sustainable development of productivity. Under the attention and leadership of the national education, science and technology departments and the China Packaging Technology Association, China has developed and formed a national packaging design discipline, and trained a large number of urgently needed packaging design education and professional design talents. However, due to the late start of modern packaging design education in China and the weak teaching foundation, there is a big gap compared with western developed countries, which is an indisputable fact. We can neither cross history in a hurry for quick success and instant benefit, nor need to sigh at the "foreign". Therefore, it is urgent to improve the quality of teaching, strengthen the knowledge structure of teachers, and cultivate high-level and highly educated "double qualified talents", so as to have an impact on a generation of designers through packaging design education

since the implementation of higher education law in China for more than a year, the problem of cultivating senior professionals with innovative spirit and practical ability has been put forward. It is a long-term and arduous task to strengthen the high-level work of the knowledge structure of the teaching staff of packaging design education and build a "double qualified" teaching staff, which is the necessary condition and basic guarantee for comprehensively improving the quality of packaging design teaching. The so-called "double qualified talents" require our teachers not only to have solid theoretical knowledge and high teaching level, but also to be designers with strong professional practical ability and rich practical experience. As a packaging designer, we should have both artistic and artistic minds, and previous studies have tried to improve the conductivity of structural adhesives by adding metal particles or carbon nanotubes to bonding materials. We have engineering and technical minds; Be good at both creation and group cooperation; Both arteries and hands are needed. As a packaging design teacher, in addition to the above qualities, in the teaching practice of packaging design, he should first have the teaching interest, teaching emotion and working will of packaging design, and then have the knowledge and skill structure of related packaging design art majors; Have comprehensive cultural quality; Have the ability to organize teaching, teaching, counseling, demonstration, question answering and other teaching work, and have the ability to engage in packaging design and scientific research. At the same time, we should also understand students' different physiology and psychology, be good at inspiration and guidance, and be good at reforming teaching methods. While trying to do a good job in teaching, we should often engage in practical activities of design art, so as to correctly guide students

I appreciate Louis Danzig, one of the most prolific modernist designers in contemporary America. As a designer, art consultant and educator, his design exemplifies the diversity of modernism, and his teaching promotes the diversity of design. Katherine Michael, the former president of Cranbrook college, commented, "Danzig is the designer of designers and the educator of educators." For him, design and teaching are two distinct but closely unified disciplines, and the consistency of education and ability is the focus of packaging design education. In fact, he has significantly influenced many design schools, including advertising, company design, and the design of books, periodicals, museum catalogs, exhibitions, and so on. At the same time, it also affected hundreds of students in the Art Department of Harvard University and the design art center college he now teaches

it can be seen that the high academic qualifications and high levels of the knowledge structure of teachers determine the knowledge content and quality of teachers, and the level and quality of quality directly affect the ability to apply and control knowledge and the improvement of artistic expression skills. Therefore, the high level of knowledge structure is crucial to the theory of packaging design education and the display of design art achievements. To be sure, the significance of the high-level knowledge structure of the teaching staff of packaging design education lies in that: the teaching staff of packaging design education must focus on cultivating high academic qualifications, high degrees and higher vocational colleges, and Japanese experts will also come to exchange professors, associate professors and excellent designers who share the name and integrate the "double qualified type"; The theoretical teachers of packaging design education must be "double qualified talents" with doctoral degrees; Teachers majoring in packaging design must be "double qualified talents" with a master's degree; Packaging design experiment teachers must be "double qualified talents" with a bachelor's degree. 4、 Ways to cultivate a high-level knowledge structure of packaging design education teaching staff

packaging design education teaching staff knowledge structure high-level "Double Teachers"

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