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On the importance of "integration" in design creativity

in graphic design, just as "there is no new change in literature, we cannot replace Xiong", we need to have a creativity in consciousness and thinking. Because Yixin can not only accurately reflect the modern hot life and people's open consciousness, but also give people a shock in soul and a baptism in sentiment. However, it should be noted here that in order to have a graphic idea that people can understand and accept, we must work hard on "integration". The "integration" in graphic design mentioned here refers to the inheritance and innovation of ancient Chinese elements, and also refers to the reasonable "taking" of the essence of western design rather than mechanical imitation. In this regard, courage and calm dialectical thinking are needed

why? 1、 From the primitive society, China has many typical masterpieces in design, such as painted pottery of Banpo clan, well-made bone vessels, later bronze of Shang Dynasty, lacquerware of Qin and Han Dynasties, and paintings of Han Dynasty. The price of recycled waste plastic is far cheaper than the rising price of plastic raw materials in recent years. Stone statues, brick portraits, tri colored pottery of Tang Dynasty and porcelain of Sui, Tang and Song Dynasties, among them, the shapes, patterns, and colors are all original elements, It has a very high reference for modern graphic design. 2、 China is a third world country with the largest population and the widest geographical area. It has an extremely complete history and a long cultural tradition. China has never experienced a more complete process of colonization, and the cohesion of its local culture has never disappeared. Therefore, inheriting and exploring China's native graphic design theory so that it can play a role in modern society will be a topic with great charm, which is conducive to the transformation of Chinese art design theory from a subordinate form of first world art design to an independent form of Chinese art design theory. 3、 It cannot be denied that China's modernization process is a process of constantly learning from the West. Then, Chinese graphic design also seems to be open-minded to contact western design ideas and works. I think we should start from the collision between the two cultures

Eastern and Western cultures have their own characteristics, without distinction between advantages and disadvantages. The core of eastern culture lies in its view of nature, the unity of heaven and man, and harmonious coexistence. The core of western culture lies in the spirit of rationality and scientific refinement. 2. Molding technology services: assist manufacturers to complete product structure design, mold design and injection molding process adjustment. Both cultures have experienced ups and downs, the development and transformation of ups and downs. From a worldwide perspective, they present a state of one after another, echoing each other from afar. In international exchanges, on the one hand, we should have a pragmatic and unassuming attitude, not arrogant, nor belittle ourselves; On the other hand, we should also have the vision to see the essence through the phenomenon and a strategic mind, which actually puts forward a high requirement for our designers, including knowledge and people's integrity, cultivation, vision, etc

this topic leads to another topic, that is, the problem of "Eastern and Western tools". The "Eastern and Western tools" is South Korea's cultural strategy to deal with the spread of the West in modern times, which is similar to China's "middle school as the body, Western learning as the use" or Japan's "soul and talent". Tao refers to spirit, apparatus and material. Can it be understood as: how to deal with the relationship between oriental aesthetic thought and Western material media? Since ancient times, China has said that Dao and Qi correspond to the East and the west respectively in the process of the collision between the eastern and Western cultures. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, Wang Tao said, "the metaphysical, China, also wins with Dao; the metaphysical, the western, also wins with Qi". This is probably the Oriental's philosophical feeling after the Western powers' strong ships and cannons threatened the Oriental people. Later, when China set up the "Westernization Movement", it had foreign guns and cannons, but it was still beaten and failed to be strong. It was only when it realized that "learning from foreigners and improving skills" in Westernization could not save the country. Only through the all-round innovation of politics, economy and Philosophy, including "metaphysics" and "metaphysics", could it become a powerful country. This was the all-round "learning from foreigners and improving skills". Therefore, there was the political reform movement of 1898 and the revolution of 1911, and the May 4th new cultural movement, China's modernization process has entered the field of ideology and culture, and only then has there been a "Literary Revolution" and "Art Revolution", and only then has there been a trend for artists to study in the West and Japan. One of the problems is neglected, that is, the west not only has "utensils", but also has "utensils" and "Tao", just different from the East. From the perspective or scope of big culture, the introduction of "Dao" and "Qi" is necessary. It is precisely because of the process of "Western tools", that we have today's re reflection of "Eastern tools and Western tools"

today, there are many products derived from "Eastern and Western tools", and there are also high-quality products, such as the design of the China seal of the Beijing Olympic emblem. First of all, I appreciate this work very much. Of course, it is also accepted and respected by many people in the industry and the public. The dynamic combination and association of words and images, inclusive of cultural meaning, not only highlights Chinese characteristics, but also takes into account the international connection. It can be said to be an excellent design work. Of course, the deficiency of this design is that the image is slightly stagnant and lacks some smooth feeling. In contrast, I prefer the design of Taiji old man. Whether it's the shape, meaning, or the integration of eastern and Western cultures, it not only contains typical Chinese elements, but also highlights the symbolic characteristics of the Olympic Games. It's really wonderful

needless to say, the inheritance and innovation of Chinese elements in design are easy to cause people to associate, recall, understand and accept; Oriental people learn western art, and Western design is used to "improve" and "reform" Eastern design. There is a cognitive process. In the last century, painter Lin Fengmian believed that "Chinese modern art cannot freely express its emotional aspirations due to underdeveloped composition methods". In the painting industry, there is a selective acceptance position of Oriental painters on foreign art, and the same is true in the design industry. However, people-oriented and harmonious coexistence are respected by both East and West. The theory of yin and Yang founded by the ancient Chinese, Tai Chi contains the word harmony. As a typical Chinese element, Tai Chi symbol has been recognized and used by many countries, and has become an international design and cultural symbol with Oriental meaning at the same time. This is a successful and equal international exchange. While China accepts the improvement of western design art, it is also enriching and changing the world. This is the real internationalization. For designers, it is necessary to strengthen their own cultural quality, In particular, it is particularly important to study and understand the local culture. If you want to graft the foreign culture on the local root, of course, you also need to choose a healthy and robust body

we have not faced the great cultural background of world integration, that is, economic globalization, as we do today, but the main body of this market economy is the western developed countries. While dominating the world economy, they also wield a sword of Western cultural centralism. Western financial groups and design companies also use their wallets to lure designers from all ethnic countries into the whirlpool of Western avant-garde art. Therefore, in the face of the world's modernist and postmodern art trends, whether the new generation of designers, or the avant-garde youth called the new new new humanity, when they put their preconceived western visual culture concepts into the global network, have they considered taking national culture as a "fusion" of subjectivity, and whether they still remember that I am the self of my own nation, When philosophy uses "Orientalism" to resist Western cultural centralism, whether the world also needs a sober cultural strategy is an unavoidable thorny topic. As a popular and fashionable mass consumption culture, it may be the weakest link of subjectivity, like the trademarks of Coca Cola and Pepsi posted everywhere. As a pioneer art, the young art trend is basically fashionable because of the "Western way and Western tools", and the Oriental people are in a trailing state. However, the mainstream of art consumption should take a clear stand in expanding the culture and spirit of the nation, and on this basis, it should be firmly integrated, which not only reflects the phenomenon of peeling and falling off of "taking" that "stones from other mountains can be used to attack jade", but also reflects the magnanimous "tolerance" that "the sea accepts all rivers", so as to enrich the due functions and multiple effects of art design

contemporaneity = Westernization = globalization is the inevitable thinking of market economy, but there is still the problem of protecting national economy and culture. The modernization of design art can not use this formula. In some western countries with shallow traditional culture, the boundaries of art may be blurred, but there is still a confrontation between French films and Hollywood. Although western culture presents a strong cultural posture, the world has reached a consensus on the coexistence of diversity after all. The integration of the world economy and the diversity of world culture, from the world to the subjectivity of countries - Nations - regions - individuals, will constitute a new cultural landscape in the 21st century

today, in the face of international trends, how to go about Chinese design, how to contact with the outside world, and how to use localized symbolic elements to create modern design with Chinese characteristics on the basis of "integration" is a problem worthy of consideration

some designers take foreigners' design works or design symbols and simply spell the percentage of height change after 3 hours under load and after removing the load The recovery rate of 5 hours is changed, which can even be called "plagiarism". Although there are some Chinese symbols or elements, it lacks a harmony with nature, and it also violates the path of internationalization of design. Internationalization should be diversification and nationalization. The theme of modern design is harmonious and different. From my graphic design experience, I also preliminarily realize that the integration of the same design elements may taste different flavors

graphic design is a platform to show the creator's thinking, showing his thoughts on a piece of white paper in a three-dimensional way, and fully creating, changing and evolving on the premise of "integration"... This is what I understand as graphic design

fortunately, with the rapid development of China's economy and society over the years, China is changing in a good direction in line with international standards, especially the arrival of the Olympic Games, which has brought many opportunities to China, as well as opportunities and challenges to design. From architecture to signs to mascots and posters, as the birthplace of Oriental culture, China should indeed show the implications of Chinese elements in the context of modern culture, It is also true that we should take all of people with an open mind, and create a new "highlight" and "new move" of graphic design on the basis of "integration", so that the world can better understand China, and let the world understand China's history, culture and modern design. Mr. Li Keran once had the ideal of "Oriental White". I think this not only includes the confidence that oriental traditional art will move towards modernity, but also Chinese design will show a new dawn of "Oriental White". (end)

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