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Discussion on the exhibition economy in Haikou discussion on the ideas of developing the exhibition economy in Haikou:

the exhibition industry is an internationally recognized sunrise industry with strong correlation and driving effect. It can not only create huge direct economic benefits, but also stimulate the rapid development of tourism, trade, catering, accommodation, transportation and other related industries, and create huge indirect economic and social benefits. According to relevant data, the industry driving coefficient of the exhibition industry is 1:9, that is, if the income of the exhibition industry itself is 1 yuan, the income of other related industries will be 9 yuan. For this reason, all countries in the world and all regions of China have taken the exhibition economy as a new economic growth point and focused on cultivating and vigorously developing it. For example, Dongguan, Guangdong and other places have not only included the development of the exhibition economy with CFRP bodies designed with fibers in their plans, built exhibition venues and other related supporting facilities, provided exhibition platforms, but also invested tens of millions of targeted funds to cultivate exhibition brands, It is planned to cultivate several fixed and influential exhibitions within three to five years to drive the development of related industries. Since the establishment of the province, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government of our city have attached great importance to the development of Haikou Convention and exhibition industry. Under the condition of tight financial funds, they have invested more than 100 million yuan to build Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center. However, compared with other developed regions in China, due to the current low level of economic development of Hainan Province and Haikou City, the market space

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small, inconvenient transportation with the outside world The standardized exhibition industry started late, the exhibition hall was small, and there was no fixed famous exhibition drive, which restricted the economic development of Haikou exhibition. In this regard, except for the "Winter Fair" and the "national paper order fair", the exhibition scale undertaken by Haikou Exhibition Center was small, the influence was not large enough, and the number of exhibitions was not large. How to solve these problems, give full play to Haikou's advantages and conditions, develop strengths and avoid weaknesses, and support the good and make up for the bad? Let's talk about the measures we have taken and several measures we are going to take:

first, strengthen the hardware construction to lay the foundation for the development of the exhibition industry

the development of the exhibition industry in a region cannot be separated from high-grade and large-scale exhibition venues. The exhibition center is the tangible carrier of exhibition activities. The value of all stakeholders in the exhibition industry chain should be reflected in the exhibition, which is the hardware of developing the exhibition economy. Therefore, the municipal Party committee and government, with the support of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government, invested more than $100 million to build a fully functional and fully equipped Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center in the golden area of Haikou, which solved the dilemma of "shooting for a place" in holding exhibitions in Hainan, and laid a solid foundation for the development of Haikou Convention and exhibition industry

since Wei and others in Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center mixed potassium permanganate and graphene and put them into use at the end of 2002, although the scale of the exhibition hall is slightly smaller, it has been recognized by exhibition experts in the use of functions and supporting facilities. At present, it can fully meet the use of medium-sized scale exhibitions. With the successful holding of the "winter trade fair" and the "national paper order fair", exhibition experts have affirmed the hardware of Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center, It has a good hardware foundation for the development of exhibition industry in our city

second, straighten out the functions of exhibition management, explore the operation and management mode of exhibition center, and take the road of market-oriented development

China's exhibition industry has developed rapidly since the reform and opening up more than 20 years ago. However, the management of the exhibition industry is not compatible with the development of the industry, and there is also a lack of norms and mechanisms for industry self-discipline. With the gradual improvement of the socialist market economic system and China's accession to the WTO, it has become a top priority to transform government functions and reform the administrative examination and approval system. In order to straighten out the management functions of the exhibition industry, the municipal government further clarified that Haikou Municipal Committee of the China Council for the promotion of international trade, as the management organization of the exhibition industry in our city, entrusted the right of examination and approval of the exhibition to Haikou Council for the promotion of international trade, and the government departments' management of the exhibition market shifted from direct management and micro management to indirect management and macro management, desalinated examination and approval, and strengthened services. At the same time, in order to better operate and manage the Convention and Exhibition Center, the municipal government decided to entrust the Convention and Exhibition Center to the newly established Haikou Zhenxing Convention and Exhibition Industry Management Co., Ltd. for operation and management, explore the market-oriented operation and management mode, solve the problem of cultivating the Convention and exhibition government, no longer invest a large amount of funds, rely on market operation to invigorate the development road of the Convention and exhibition industry, and promote the development of Haikou Convention and exhibition industry

since taking over the Convention and Exhibition Center at the end of October last year, Haikou Zhenxing Convention and Exhibition Industry Management Co., Ltd. has actively collected and used for reference the operation and management information at home and abroad, especially in the more developed regions of the Convention and exhibition industry, strengthened the contact with various convention and Exhibition professional institutions and enterprises, constantly explored new exhibition ways and developed exhibition varieties, and paid close attention to management and innovation, and constantly improved the soft environment, Attract more institutions and enterprises to Haikou Convention and exhibition center with high-quality services. Since November last year, the exhibition center has successfully held various exhibition activities, such as "national paper order fair", "national student nutrition and health products Expo", "China (Haikou) Tourism Commodities Fair", "the first Haikou annual Commodities Fair in 2004", "the first international environmental protection automobile technology Expo in 2004", "the first Hainan fishery Expo". Especially during the "national paper order fair", due to the large scale and high grade of the exhibition, the number of domestic and foreign exhibitors and related people reached more than 30000, so that the supply of hotel rooms in Haikou once exceeded the demand, and the housing rate broke through the best level in history. The charm of the exhibition economy can be seen from this exhibition. At the same time, it has been affirmed by exhibition experts and proved by practice that Haikou has the soft and hard conditions to undertake large-scale exhibitions. Haikou Zhenxing Exhibition Industry Management Co., Ltd. not only undertakes various exhibitions, but also tries to cultivate its own exhibition brand. To this end, under the circumstances of short time and heavy tasks, the "Haikou first annual goods exhibition" was organized and achieved certain results. The success of the above exhibition activities has strengthened the confidence of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government to do a good job in the exhibition economy

third, strengthen standardized management to ensure the healthy development of the exhibition industry

due to the late start of the exhibition industry in Haikou, there was no fixed exhibition place before the construction of the exhibition center, the management system and system of the exhibition industry were not standardized, and there was no unified exhibition management department and industry self-discipline organization, which led to the chaos of the exhibition market, mainly reflected in: 1. The credibility was not high enough, some exhibitions had fraud, and even after charging exhibitors, they left, or sold dog meat with sheep's head, Make a one-off deal; 2. Without Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center, the safety of exhibition venues outside the venues of Haikou Convention and Exhibition Center has not been guaranteed. Holding exhibitions in places with serious fire and safety hazards has a poor impact on the safety of exhibitors and visitors; 3. The management is chaotic. Some exhibitions are small-scale and low-grade, and some even become places to deal with unsalable goods and fake and shoddy goods. The existence of these problems has seriously affected the healthy and orderly development of Haikou exhibition economy. Therefore, the municipal Party committee and the municipal government have strengthened the rectification and standardization of the exhibition market, straightened out the exhibition approval rights, and the public security and fire protection departments have reviewed the places with fire and safety hazards, and are not allowed to hold all kinds of exhibitions in places without safety measures. The completion of the exhibition center has promoted the standardized management of exhibition places. At the same time, the government should strengthen macro-control, improve the "rules of the game" of the exhibition economy, and actively cultivate a number of exhibition companies with professional standards and competitive strength. The existing professional exhibition institutions and exhibition service institutions in Haikou are few, lack strength and experience, and it is difficult to organize large-scale exhibitions of high grade and scale. The relevant departments should also support them in many ways to promote their growth. With the improvement of the specialization and marketization level of exhibitions, the hosting and organization of exhibitions rely more on professional exhibition companies, only the growth and expansion of professional exhibition institutions, In order to improve the overall level of the exhibition and promote the healthy development of the exhibition industry

IV. rely on advantageous resources, take the initiative, go out and invite in, strive for more exhibitions, do a good job in joint (joint) cooperation, and work together to prosper the exhibition industry in Haikou

compared with the provincial capital cities in other developed regions in China, Haikou has great shortcomings in developing the exhibition economy. However, rich and unique health tourism resources, developed tertiary industry, good service level and a certain degree of openness are the strong advantages of Haikou in developing the exhibition industry, especially the superior ecological environment, good climatic conditions and unique tropical island tourism resources, It is incomparable to other regions in China. To this end, while we are doing a good job in software and hardware construction and improving service quality, we should take the initiative to go out and contact relevant exhibition organizations at home and abroad, so as to win their support, attract them to Haikou to hold various types of investment fairs, seminars, product (Technology) exhibitions and ordering meetings, and strive to hold more exhibitions. At the same time, we guide all relevant departments to improve their understanding of holding exhibitions and effectively promoting the development of related industries, and strengthen the connection (combination) of relevant functional departments and industry associations. Only with the attention and support of society can we successfully hold exhibitions and promote the prosperity and development of Haikou exhibition industry

v. combine joint innovation and take the road of brand exhibition with Haikou characteristics

we should make full use of the special geographical location and environmental conditions, give full play to the advantages of tourism, green agriculture, Medicine Valley and so on. While striving for foreign enterprises to hold more exhibitions, we should strengthen contact with experienced exhibition institutions, associations, chambers of Commerce and relevant functional departments of the government at home and abroad, and strive to achieve an annual increase of 15% - 20% in the city's exhibition. We should also make our own efforts to constantly enrich and improve the original exhibition, In order to ensure that this technology can also be used in cost sensitive fields, it will take three to five years to create four distinctive exhibition brands. First, win the support of the National Tourism Administration to turn the "China (Haikou) tourism commodity exhibition" into a tourism commodity exhibition with certain influence in Southeast Asia; The second is to run the "Winter Fair" well and further improve the popularity of healthy and green products in Hainan; Third, strive to turn the "Haikou new year goods exhibition" into an exhibition with well-known brands in South China, which will affect more than 500 downstream enterprises; Fourth, we should give full play to the advantages of many pharmaceutical production enterprises in Haikou and the deepening construction of "Haikou pharmaceutical Valley", and cultivate brand exhibitions for Haikou international pharmaceutical exhibition and sales. Expand the exhibition industry with brand effect, expand exchanges and influence, and realize the leapfrog development of Haikou exhibition industry step by step in a planned way

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