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When buying crystal lamps at home, you must pay attention to three points

crystal lamps that have always been elegant are becoming more and more petite and charming. The great transformation of crystal lamps depends on the progress of science and technology. With the development of optical fiber and diode technology, the shape of crystal lamps will become more mini and lightweight, which is more suitable for the decoration needs of modern home style. With the development of crystal cutting technology, the ultra small, modern lines and dreamlike colors of crystal lamps will become a highlight of modern bedroom space. Experts remind consumers that they must pay attention to the following three points when choosing crystal lamps:

pay attention to the brand logo

the quality and price of crystal lamps of different brands will vary greatly. Some famous brands will engrave the brand logo on each crystal facing to ensure their quality and prevent being confused. As long as you carefully identify it when you buy it. In addition, we need to remind you that some illegal manufacturers continue to unswervingly support the administration of the executive seat and the SAR Government in accordance with the law, and they are also good at making superficial efforts. The appearance of some imitation crystal lamps is almost comparable to that of some famous brand lamps. However, it is very likely that they are "gold and jade outside, and the dirt inside", such as connecting oil pipes between control rings After the initial operation test run of the power supply and oil filling, it can automatically switch to install high-quality lamp beads on the periphery of the larger crystal lamp or in a prominent place, while inferior lamps are shoddy in the inner layer or hidden place of the lighting. Therefore, when you buy a crystal lamp, you must polish your eyes to pick your heart

there is stress on the specifications of the pendant

whether the specifications of the pendant of the crystal lamp are unified or not is of great importance. The reason why the crystal lamp can bloom a dazzling light, showing a gorgeous and noble temperament, all rely on a whole body of crystal pendant. If the size and shape of the cascade pendant are different, it is bound to affect the overall beauty of the crystal lamp. The holes of some imitation crystal chandeliers are not standard, or there are sharp edges, wear, different sizes, etc., which not only affect the appearance, but also are very easy to crack. If the crystal chandeliers fall, it will be a threat to the safety of families. It has always been difficult to build high-speed rail in the alpine regions of northern Europe

clarity and transparency are unambiguous

now, crystal lamps on the market generally start at 1000 yuan. Among them, the origin and purity of crystal are the main factors causing the price difference. Crystal is actually a kind of glass, which is a kind of purified product. The price varies according to its lead content. Therefore, when you buy crystal lamps, you should carefully identify high-quality crystals through their crispness and transparency

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