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Discussion on auxiliary stamping process design

traditional CAE software can meet the performance requirements of high strength, high wear resistance and good dimensionality at the same time. Parts can only be analyzed for formability, and require a lot of pretreatment by professionals. If you are not satisfied with the analysis results, you need to start from scratch. Because the traditional CAE software is only a means of verification, which is mainly used for scheme comparison and cannot be used for process assistance, CAE technology has been separated from the production process for a long time. Nowadays, CAE software has been developed to not only do simple molding analysis on how to choose the manufacturer of spring testing machine, but also to participate in the whole process of stamping process as you Xiaoping said earlier. We call it computer-aided stamping process. In terms of process design, CAE has very practical functions, such as automatic or auxiliary determination of stamping direction, rapid generation of drawing surface, determination of blank size, expansion of trimming line, and the accuracy is much higher than the results obtained by human experience or other CAD methods. In terms of analysis, aiming at stamping forming, various analyses such as determination of blanking angle, edge line offset, drawing impact slip mark, surface forming quality, blank holder force, forming force, etc. have been improved, and the universality and practicability of the analysis content have long exceeded the original CAE content

at present, CAE software has become an indispensable part of the mold design process. It is highly oriented to end users, and the operator can easily use it without deep knowledge of manufacturer e of Ca Jinan new era assay instrument Co., Ltd. and too much actual debugging experience

in developed countries, the simulation consistency of CAE software analysis results is greater than 95%. Even in the initial application, the accuracy can reach 60 ~ 80%. Especially in the aspects of scheme comparison, forming margin analysis and unfolding of undevelopable flanging, CAE results are very accurate

at present, the development of CAE technology focuses on Springback Analysis and automatic optimization of process parameters. If these two problems are solved, it will bring revolutionary progress again

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