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Discussion on the knowledge system and structure of Packaging Engineering (Part 2)

according to the international research on the framework of packaging discipline system, modern packaging discipline includes three sub disciplines: packaging sociology, packaging natural science and packaging technology science. The framework of packaging social science system mainly includes packaging management, packaging marketing, packaging psychology, packaging standards and regulations, packaging logistics, packaging environment and other courses or contents. From the knowledge structure of packaging engineering discipline, we can see:

a. the basis of packaging engineering discipline is mathematics, physics, mechanics, chemistry, biology and art. As for the undergraduate education of cultivating advanced packaging technology talents, all aspects of the foundation are equally important. Ignoring any aspect of teaching will bring a congenital defect. If the mechanics teaching is neglected, it will bring difficulties to the development and research of students' packaging equipment; Neglecting chemistry teaching will affect the research and development of students' packaging materials, neglecting art teaching will affect students' packaging decoration and modeling design

b. the professional courses of packaging engineering have a broader scope. It includes packaging structure design and manufacturing, packaging machinery, packaging technology, packaging materials, packaging printing, transportation packaging, art design and packaging sociology. And every knowledge can develop in a deeper and broader direction

the students trained should not only have the ability to select packaging materials and packaging machinery and equipment, but also have the ability to research and develop them. Therefore, we should pay the same attention to all basic courses, but at the same time, it brings the situation of insufficient class hours. Therefore, under the current education mode, there are various different and very different curriculum settings

3 characteristics of curriculum setting under the current education mode

recently, most packaging colleges and universities have adopted the method of training according to the direction, and the main setting directions are:

A. packaging equipment and container manufacturing direction. The foundation focuses on mechanics and machinery

B. the direction of packaging materials. The foundation focuses on chemistry, polymer chemistry and physics

c. packaging design direction. Foundation focuses on art courses

d. packaging and printing direction. Basic side baryon physics and chemistry

the advantage of this curriculum is that it avoids the disadvantage of not highlighting the key points due to the intersection of disciplines, and overcomes the defect of "everything is common and everything is loose" in previous years. So that students can master the knowledge of packaging engineering system and have attainments in a certain field of packaging engineering, but there are still some problems:

in order to take into account the knowledge of other disciplines, they are limited by class hours, the basic attention is not enough, and the knowledge is not scientific and systematic. For example, there is no tolerance course in the direction of packaging equipment; Material 98.07 does not offer organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry, but directly offers polymer chemistry and physics; The design direction does not include color and sketch, which are composed of three parts. From the perspective of knowledge structure and system, this is undoubtedly a congenital deficiency

The direction of

is still not prominent enough. Due to the incomplete curriculum in one direction, a situation is formed in which the competition based on machinery is not the major of machinery, the competition based on materials is not the major of chemical materials, and the competition based on packaging design is not the major of art. From the perspective of research, units that should have employed packaging engineering graduates, such as food processing, beverages, wine making, cigarettes, and even packaging equipment manufacturing, are cautious about packaging engineering graduates. It is not that they do not need talents in this field, but that the current packaging engineering education does not fully achieve the expected training objectives

the division of direction is too detailed, which increases the difficulty of employment for students majoring in packaging engineering who originally have a narrow employment scope. Packaging colleges and universities in coastal and developed areas may not have this phenomenon, but for inland and underdeveloped areas, this is a practical problem faced by packaging engineering education

there are great differences in the curriculum of packaging colleges, which is unmatched by any major. The same packaging engineering majors have such great differences, which brings difficulties to the society to understand and understand packaging engineering. Some enterprises do not know what students majoring in packaging engineering can do, and some students do not know what they will do in the future

therefore, in order to solve these problems, there should be corresponding educational models

4 assumption of five-year education mode

at present, in China's higher education, there is only a five-year academic system for medical and architectural majors, while in recent years, there has been a five-year dual degree education mode. For example, Harbin Institute of technology has set up a foreign language + a major (Five-year System) this year. From the perspective of professional characteristics, architecture and packaging engineering are comparable. The reason why architecture majors implement the five-year system is that it involves art, while packaging engineering majors involve far more disciplines than architecture. The difference is that architecture has a long history and strong artistic appeal, while packaging works appear very small and weak in front of buildings, and their artistry is greatly reduced, which is obviously unfair. Therefore, first of all, keep clean in some packaging colleges and universities (it is best to clean after finishing the experiment every time); 5-year double degree teaching is necessary and feasible. In this way, students can master comprehensive basic knowledge, systematic packaging engineering theory and professional knowledge, and have the ability of packaging system design and management. Become a "compound" modern packaging talent with strong foundation, profound knowledge, engineering technology and art


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