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Zhuhai Letong Chemical Co., Ltd. further established the graphene ink cooperation project

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Zhuhai Letong Chemical Co., Ltd. 3 Add appropriate cooling medium to the cooling tank. The company (hereinafter referred to as the company or the company) signed the graphene ink project cooperation agreement with Ningbo Moxi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ningbo Moxi) on January 24, 2013. Recently, investors have paid more attention to the progress of the graphene ink project (hereinafter referred to as the cooperation project) between the company and Ningbo Moxi. Now the relevant information about the cooperation project is explained as follows:

I. the progress of the cooperation project

1. The research and development of graphene ink

after signing the graphene ink project cooperation agreement with Ningbo Moxi on January 24, 2013, the company established a special research laboratory, We purchased relevant experimental instruments and equipment, established a graphene ink and coating product research and development team with doctors and masters as the main research and development strength, and established research and development goals. According to the graphene samples provided by Ningbo Moxi, the technicians of both parties communicated and exchanged on the conductivity, number of layers, compatibility with solvents, resins and other ink and coating materials and other related technologies of graphene. Through the research and development of resins, additives, solvents and other materials suitable for graphene conductive inks and graphene high temperature and wear-resistant coatings, as well as the types, contents and properties of graphene, The basic formula of graphene conductive ink and graphene high temperature and wear-resistant coating has been formed. On July 12 and November 7, 2013, the company submitted two invention patent applications to the State Intellectual Property Office, "a graphene conductive ink and its preparation method", "a high temperature resistant graphene coating with friction between the non horizontal working piston and the working oil cylinder installed on the first main engine part and its preparation method". At present, these two patent applications have entered the substantive examination stage and have not been authorized

2. About the establishment of the joint venture

at this stage, graphene is mainly used as an experimental test for enterprises, colleges and universities, and scientific research institutions. Graphene is expensive, and has not yet formed a stable downstream application and demand. Large scale industrial applications still need to wait for the opportunity. The market conditions for the company and Ningbo Mexico to immediately establish a joint venture are not mature. In order not to cause waste of capital, human resources and other resources, both parties unanimously decided to postpone the establishment of the joint venture, continue to observe the market situation and wait for the right time to establish the joint venture

II. The next step plan of the cooperation project

both parties agree that the cooperation project has excellent prospects, so they hope to continue to cooperate and promote the project. The graphene ink project cooperation agreement signed by both parties on January 24, 2013 will continue to be effective, and observe the market conditions and choose the right time to establish a joint venture. The company will further optimize the formula of graphene ink, continue to carry out R & D experiments and pilot production for its application, and gradually introduce it to customers for small-scale trials

III. risk tips

1. At present, the preparation process, downstream application development and market of graphene are not mature. The subsequent research and development work and market of graphene ink of the company may encounter unpredictable difficulties, and there is a certain risk whether the subsequent research and development will succeed and be successfully introduced to the market

2. The research and development work related to graphene ink project will not have a significant impact on the company's operating performance this year. The two invention patent applications of a graphene conductive ink and its preparation method and a high temperature and wear-resistant graphene coating and its preparation method submitted by the company to 381 chemical parks above the scope of the State Intellectual Property Office have entered the substantive examination stage, but whether it can obtain patent authorization and the time of obtaining it are uncertain

3. China Securities Journal, securities times and cninfo are the information disclosure media designated by the company. All information of the company shall be subject to the official announcement published in the above designated media. The company reminds investors to pay attention to the company's information disclosure and pay attention to investment risks

it is hereby announced

board of directors of Zhuhai Letong Chemical Co., Ltd.

September 26, 2014

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