How to find the supply transformer in Heilongjiang

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How to find the supply transformer in Heilongjiang

today I recommend how to find the supply transformer in Heilongjiang_ Please savor the brilliance of the enterprise (2) high authenticity: it will be people's unremitting pursuit to improve the quality, quantity and certainty of production. (3) certification of environmental protection characteristics: Based on the European standard HD464, promote the research and certification of how to find the characteristics of weather resistance (C0, C1, C2), environment resistance (E0, E1, E2) and fire resistance (F0, F1, F2) of transformers in Heilongjiang. (4) large capacity: from the dry-type transformer dominated by 50 ~ 2500kVA distribution transformer to the 10000 ~ 20000kva/35kv power transformer. With the continuous increase of urban power load, urban substations are more and more deep into the urban center of gravity, residential areas, large factories and mines and other load cores. 35 there are many technologies that can separate moisture-proof materials into many multi-layer kV high-capacity residential areas. The main purpose of power supply power transformer will be widely used

how to find the supply transformer according to the unstable and reliable performance of users, especially high-grade products: 1) the capacity of distribution transformer should be integrated with the measure capacity of various electrical equipment to calculate the load (generally excluding the fire-fighting burden). The apparent capacity after compensation is the basis for selecting the transformer capacity and number. Generally, the burden rate of transformer is about 85%. This method is simple and can be used to estimate the capacity according to statistics. 2) Gb/t guide for the selection of power transformers explains that the capacity selection of distribution transformers should be determined according to gb/t guide for the burden of dry-type power transformers and the calculation of negative 1. The power supply voltage 1 in the laboratory must be stabilized to determine its capacity. The microcomputer guard assembly is mainly used for power plants, substations, distribution stations, etc. in places with voltage of kV and below, and can also be used for the protection and measurement and control of voltage and current of systems in places with voltage between 70V and 220V. Three phase transformer differential guard assembly three phase transformer differential guard assembly is mainly used to protect transformer equipment. How to find the supply transformer_ The installation of enterprise brilliant differential guard should have differential quick break guard and compound ratio differential guard with or without second harmonic braking, which can be applied to the occasion of three side differential current input (three turn transformer), with complete and powerful collection function of voltage and current reference and switching value of primary equipment, equipped with standard RS485 and industrial can communication ports, and completed three turn main transformer differential guard, two turn main transformer differential guard Two circle distribution transformer differential guard, non electric protection and other guard and measurement and control functions

how to find supply transformers in Heilongjiang_ The enterprise is brilliant. Of course, the primary problem is whether you can make full use of their strengths and circumvent their weaknesses and fully explain their respective advantages, which is the basis of doing a good job in power transformers. Among imported amplifiers, the application of ring power transformer is still the mainstream, which indicates a problem. Heilongjiang transformer enthusiasts' speculation on power transformers should be objective and fair. You can't take a thing that isn't done well as an example and say it's bad. Some people say that the ring power transformer is easy to be saturated, so why don't you find a way to make it not easy to be saturated? This small batch can be achieved by technical means. Without enough effort or blindly in order to save cost, it is of course easy to saturate

4. Voltage ratio refers to the ratio of primary voltage to secondary voltage of transformer, Heilongjiang transformer_ Enterprise brilliance has the difference between no-load voltage ratio and load voltage ratio. 5. When the secondary of no-load current transformer is open circuit, there is still a certain current in the primary, which is called no-load current. No load current is composed of magnetization current (generated magnetic flux) and iron loss current (caused by core loss). For 50Hz power transformer, the no-load current is basically equal to the magnetization current. 6. No load loss refers to the power loss measured in the primary when the secondary of the transformer is open circuit. Heilongjiang transformer_ The main loss of enterprise brilliance is the loss of iron core, followed by the loss (copper loss) of no-load current on the copper resistance of primary coil, which is very small

how to find the supply transformer with resin insulation_ The brilliant annual output of the enterprise has reached 10000mva, becoming one of the production and sales of dry-type transformers in the world. Dry type transformers have been widely used in power stations, factories, and almost all electrical. With the popularization and application of SC (b) 9 series with low noise (the noise of distribution transformers below 2500kVA has been controlled within 50dB) and energy saving (the no-load loss has been shortened by 25%), the natural goal and creative technology of dry-type transformers have reached the advanced level in the world. 1. Whether the dry-type transformer has abnormal sound and vibration. 2. Whether there is local overheating Discoloration caused by creepage marks and carbonization on the insulation surface due to harmful gas corrosion

so far, how can Heilongjiang find the supply transformer_ Enterprise brilliance has been introduced to you, and more relevant content will be presented to you later

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