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How about using Jiuyang y66 wall breaking machine? Feeling, price, configuration parameter evaluation and evaluation

this Jiuyang y66 wall breaking machine is a new one in 2019. I saw it recommended by gourmet experts, and planted grass behind it. After using it for a period of time, I feel that this wall breaking machine is heavy in my hand and has a good texture. It has been used for nearly two weeks. The rice paste is particularly delicate, and the fruit shake does not change color at all. Vacuuming well controls the oxidation problem. The noise problem will not disturb the residents within an acceptable range. Friends in need, please click here to view more user comments, details of advantages and disadvantages, event quotation,

II. Price quotation of Jiuyang y66 wall breaking machine:

Jiuyang y66 wall breaking machine can reduce the emission of CO2 and SO2 by more than 64 million tons in China. Wall machine household vacuum mute full-automatic health preserving soymilk auxiliary food cooking machine flagship store authentic

[at the price] 2299.00 yuan

[post coupon price] 1999 China's import and export trade deficit of blow molding machines fell sharply year-on-year; Overseas injection molding machine market is gradually developing strong 00 yuan


2. Record the required load value

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III. configuration parameters of Jiuyang y66 wall breaking machine:

IV. other users of Jiuyang y66 wall breaking machine comment on the advantages and disadvantages:

1. The texture is very good, I made rice paste as soon as I arrived yesterday. It's very delicate and tastes great. I made an appointment for health porridge at 8 o'clock this morning last night. I got up and cooked it in the kitchen. It's really perfect! The most important thing is to really do not paste the bottom, which is a major premise, otherwise buying a wall breaking machine is meaningless

2. The food is very good, very thick soymilk, especially delicious, satisfactory

3. The machine is very good, and the soymilk is very delicate Tmall check more popular models of Jiuyang

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