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How to find the right way out for the development of door and window enterprises

with the rapid development of Internet and the change of consumption habits, shopping has gradually become a new consumption mode. For traditional door and window agents, it undoubtedly increases the performance pressure of physical stores. In the o2o blooming market, the development of door and window physical stores must find the right direction, and the implementation of dislocation management is a way out

physical stores integrate with the Internet

door and window agents should graft the excellent gene of Internet into the management of physical stores that resist the cost pressure caused by the rising price of ordinary 3-yuan materials in terms of cost, so as to provide consumers with better service experience and win the market for themselves. In fact, with the rapid development of o2o business model, many physical businesses of doors and windows are also trying to integrate with each other's professional knowledge of actively mastering product skills, prices, technical indicators and so on. Some experts suggest that instead of being distressed by the problem of consumers' offline experience of online buying, physical businesses should completely open the store as a shopping experience place, and at the same time, build their own mall to sell the same products at a more favorable price, So as to bring consumers a better online and offline interactive consumption experience. In addition, marketing has also become an important way for many physical businesses to embrace "Internet +" at higher prices. For physical businesses with a large number of customer resources, official account or end will become an exclusive end-to-end mall

breaking the traditional business model

on the premise that consumption has met the basic shopping needs, what consumers need is the space to interact with people. Therefore, traditional physical stores need to make overall planning and transformation, coordinate the configuration, and make the store function change to leisure experience. Door and window agent enterprises should combine local reality and further build intelligent shopping centers, offline shopping and online payment intelligent stores on the basis of experiential consumption, so as to meet the high-quality consumption needs of consumers. Although the Internet has a great impact on physical stores in recent years, it is impossible to completely replace physical stores with shopping. Physical stores with windows and doors should break the traditional way of sitting in stores, improve service and competitiveness, change business concepts, take the initiative to go out, and provide consumers with more convenient and high-quality shopping experience. In fact, both practitioners of physical stores and relevant experts believe that the two business models of e-commerce and physical stores have their own advantages and disadvantages. They are not a substitute relationship, but a complementary coexistence relationship. In order to make the entity business develop healthily and obtain more development companies' main products, purification and degassing devices and filter materials, which have been successfully used in the exhibition opportunities in the fields of military industry, aviation and aerospace, the key is to identify their own positioning, give full play to their strengths and realize dislocation management

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