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How can paint stores further improve the sales volume of single stores

how can paint stores further improve the sales volume of single stores

February 22, 2005

coating is a semi-finished product, which can be turned into a finished product only after the construction process. However, real consumers do not have a deep understanding of products and decoration knowledge, so the phenomena of fake and inferior products, shoddy goods and fishy eyes are everywhere, which directly leads to the decline of the reputation of the whole industry, and in the end, no one will buy you even if you are a good product

therefore, paint specialty stores have become the most important base for regular manufacturers, and how to further improve the sales volume of individual stores has become a major worry for enterprises. Because paint stores are not only facing consumers, but also painters, home decoration companies, etc. The improvement of single store sales is not only the performance in the store, but also related to the channels outside the store

image, consultation, products and services are the four elements to examine whether the paint sales point is professional, and the score of each element will directly affect the transaction rate and profit point


appearance image is like human clothes at the point of sale. A good image can attract consumers' attention and often make consumers visit the store (increase contact points). The success rate of natural transactions increases accordingly. At present, paint outlets are more concentrated in specialty stores and counters. Such outlets should strictly follow the enterprise VIS (or "specialty store manual") to prevent objects that exceed the specified load from impacting and decorating when conducting experiments

1. unified. Coatings are special consumer goods, and there are few cross regional purchases. Therefore, in the same sales area, the sales point of the same brand of paint, with a unified image, will make consumers feel more professional and more reliable. Consumers should receive the same information visually in different stores of the same product. If some coating enterprises have recently changed their brand image, the selling points should pay attention to replacing the promotional materials of the new VI in time. Generally, dealers are not recommended to increase or decrease the quantity of shelves at will. If it is necessary to make data display shelves or other shelves locally due to special circumstances, the color system should be consistent with the color of the selling point

2. Clean. The paint is to keep the face (wall surface, wood surface, etc.) clean. Naturally, consumers are more interested in clean outlets. The building materials market is dusty all day long, and the cleaning work of the selling point shows its necessity. Clean the shelves with wet and dry cloths every day, clean the stains with toothpaste, wipe the glass with newspapers, and wash the front of the door with clean water. These works will make the image of the selling point look different

3. Neat. Orderliness reflects tidiness. In fact, the monomer weight of coating products is high (especially 18L packaging), and in many cases, the point of sale will be displayed in a stack. For consumers, symmetrical stacking feels more stable and tidy (see the figure below). In addition, in order to increase the convenience of purchase, a considerable number of auxiliary products (such as talc powder, color paste, brushing appliances, etc.) are sold at paint outlets. Many enterprises don't give full consideration to the point of sale planning. Therefore, the selling point should set up an auxiliary product display area according to the actual situation


many paint outlets understand that they should provide consumers with the assistance paid by enterprises and businesses as the consulting function of the "packaging waste fund". However, many consumers are not satisfied. Why? Because the consulting function provided by quite a few paint outlets has become noise. The key of consultation is "answer around ask". Not in the huge amount of information

since coatings are special consumer goods, consumers usually enter the selling point with a certain purpose. In other words, he has needs. Because coatings are highly knowledgeable products, consumers usually need the assistance of professional shopping guides. This kind of consultation takes place in the process of choosing and purchasing paint products in which consumers are highly involved. Providing consultation/solutions for consumers with a general sampling frequency of 2000Hz is not only a kind of communication, but also a targeted and more effective communication. The focus of consulting services is to respond to the concerns of consumers and provide the solutions they need

for example, after a consumer has a new house, he knows the room area m (length y, width x) and height h of his home. It is not clear how much latex paint should be purchased to meet the application needs. When negotiating with the point of sale guide, the following contents can be listed on paper, and the requirements for experimental conditions are not the same:

if the careful guide reproduces the conclusion and gives it to the consumer, it will naturally add points. Intentional selling points (enterprises) can design/print the above contents into leaflets, and the printed matter feels more professional. Which paint selling point provides professional solutions for consumers, his mind will accept and remember. Naturally, the opportunity for him to choose the paint service provider will naturally increase accordingly

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