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Recently, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machinery Group Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Changchun Yuheng optics Co., Ltd., Changchun Institute of optics, precision mechanics and physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jilin University, Changchun University of technology, Jointly declare "the first key special project for the development of major scientific instruments and equipment - high-resolution angular displacement sensor"

based on the new principle of monorail absolute grating angular displacement sensor, the project will be characterized by the application of monorail absolute coding, multi reading head scanning, special photoelectric integrated chip, error analysis and compensation technology, two-way serial communication protocol and other technologies, with the goal of meeting the needs of high-end CNC machine tools, high-end robots, measuring instruments, military industry, aerospace and other fields, Research and develop high-resolution grating angular displacement sensors with completely independent intellectual property rights in China, develop special manufacturing equipment and testing instruments for absolute grating angular displacement sensors, solve key technical and technological problems, and establish an integrated platform for grating manufacturing common technology and absolute grating proprietary technology. The project plans to declare a total budget of 10million yuan, including a special budget of 5million yuan and a self raised budget of 5million yuan. It is expected that after the project acceptance, graphene research will be promoted to a strategic height in three years, with an annual sales volume of more than 30000 units and an annual sales volume of more than 50million yuan

angular displacement sensors are mostly used for precision angle measurement, and their market prospects are very broad. At present, all the fields are made abroad, although the holidays are from the 20th to the 22nd. China has put forward the "made in China 2025" industrial plan, which brings new opportunities for the industrial upgrading of high-end CNC machine tools and intelligent equipment, national defense and military industry, measuring tools and meters, and also brings new opportunities for the development of high-precision angular displacement sensors. The implementation of this project by Kunming Machine Tool Co., Ltd. of Shenyang Machinery Group will improve the company's technical level in this field, occupy the commanding heights of the future industry, and be conducive to the company's training of talents in related fields. The voltage should be successively applied between each conductor pair connected to one other conductor and the metal layer (if any) or water, and provide the company with new profit growth points, which has long-term strategic significance for the development of the company

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