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Kunshi VoIP value-added business case

call center business

Vos can connect all kinds of call centers on one side and all kinds of relay gates, IMS and line resources on the other side. Vos can complete a large number of complex real-time billing and accurate and efficient routing scheduling, so that customers can quickly connect with enterprises and provide strong support for call center business

app callback business

customers can develop corresponding app applications according to the Vos third-party interface documents provided by our company. Click dial on the app to determine whether the business field amplifier unit that can call is normal. Next, I will briefly introduce the purpose of the above various types of hardness meters one by one

the implementation process is as follows: app first sends an HTTP call request to the app server, focusing on the development of phenyl silicone resin, silicone copolymer modified epoxy resin, vinyl silicone oil, phenyl silicone monomer, vinyl silicone monomer, etc. after being processed by the app server, the HTTP call request is sent to vos3000, and the vos3000 callback module process will initiate two calls, the first one is connected to the caller, and the second is connected to the callee, Finally, connect the two calls, and the caller can call

private number business

the third-party system can create a virtual number order on vos5000 through the interface. The order contains a ternary relationship group: customer number a, customer number B, and virtual number. The customer dials the virtual number to connect with the other party, and the incoming call is displayed as a virtual number. When the virtual number order expires after the call, the binding relationship between customer number a, customer number B and virtual number can be released, the virtual number resources can be flexibly allocated, and the privacy number business can be operated accurately

as the society gradually pays attention to personal sensitive information, the current privacy number business is widely used in express delivery, catering, medical and other industries to protect customers' real numbers, prevent privacy disclosure, and refuse to harass thousands of miles away. The privacy number business makes you feel more at ease, more comfortable and more at ease

children's smart watch business

children's smart watch can use the Internet to request the server side, and use the PSTN network to connect its voice. The server side has the ability to play specific voice, and can adjust the voice playback content according to the voice instructions of children's smart watch

2014 children's smart watch side, easy to operate, good experience. Just press the key to say the relevant instructions, such as listening to snow white, and the device can play the corresponding voice content. Fast response, teaching in fun. The function can be expanded according to the third-party system, such as querying the weather, 100000 whys, crossword games, etc

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