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Kunming PM2.5 monitoring instrument has been installed and commissioned at the end of the month

it also needs to be cut to the required size. Kunming's seven air state-controlled monitoring points have all completed the installation of PM2.5, ozone, carbon monoxide and other six new ambient air quality standard monitoring indicators related equipment, and will officially enter the trial operation at the end of this month. Yesterday, Vice Mayor Wang Daoxing and his party went to two monitoring stations in Biji square and Longquan town to inspect the monitoring implementation of the new ambient air quality standard

Wang Daoxing said that before officially releasing the monitoring data, the environmental protection department must repeatedly test and analyze the data through the comparison of new and old standards. Especially after the release of PM2.5 and other new monitoring data, we should also analyze the problems we will encounter in advance

commissioning is completed and trial operation is started at the end of this month

yesterday, the relevant person in charge of Kunming Environmental Protection Bureau introduced that on October 26, Kunming has completed the installation of instruments and equipment for 6 monitoring items in the new air quality standards for all 7 monitoring points, and then will start commissioning. It is expected that all commissioning will be completed and trial operation will be started at the end of this month. At present, other auxiliary monitoring equipment such as visibility meter and haze camera system are still being installed, and real-time data optical fiber transmission commissioning is being carried out

the person in charge revealed that the bidding for the development of Kunming air quality information release software system has also been completed, and the transformation of air station transmission has been started synchronously. The information release software system is expected to be developed by the end of November, put into trial operation in early December, and officially release the air quality monitoring data on December 28. In addition, because the station buildings of Dongfeng East Road and Longquan town are facing demolition, the three station buildings can not meet the needs of construction work, so the next step is to complete the construction of two station buildings and the reconstruction of three station buildings, as well as the renewal of instruments at seven state-controlled stations that have been used for more than 8 years

according to the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, it is estimated that the annual operation cost of Kunming automatic air detection station (7 state-controlled stations) is 700000 yuan, and the operation and maintenance cost of information release system is 225000 yuan

for the implementation of the new standard monitoring, Wang Daoxing asked the environmental protection department to list the relevant basis and needs for the new costs next year. 3. The introduction of test pieces requires that the introduction of some relevant new materials to ensure the management and maintenance of monitoring equipment is a highlight of C919. The implementation plan should be submitted to the municipal government for approval as soon as possible

newspapers and television only release the comprehensive index

"at the end of last year, Kunming decided to carry out PM2.5 monitoring pilot work at the two state-controlled points of Dongfeng East Road and Longquan Town, so as to accumulate experience for the follow-up work of comprehensively implementing the new air quality standards. Famous products will create a batch of famous enterprises" according to the relevant person in charge of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau

the person in charge said that there are 7 air state-controlled monitoring points in the main urban area of Kunming, Xishan Forest Park is a clean control point, and the other 6 are automatic monitoring points. According to the needs of 7 national control points in Kunming, a total of 9 PM2.5 analyzers, 7 ozone analyzers and 7 carbon monoxide analyzers have been purchased

according to the national requirements for the release of air quality monitoring, the air quality status should be released through government environmental protection stations, television, newspapers and other means. Liuyuejin, director of the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, revealed that the monitoring data released at the end of the year included six detection indicators in the new air quality standard, including sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, inhalable particulate matter (PM10), fine particulate matter (PM2.5), ozone and carbon monoxide. "Only the comprehensive index AQI (air quality index) of the day will be published in newspapers and television, such as whether the air quality condition of the day is excellent or good, which is the comprehensive average of the seven national control points. Real time monitoring data will be published on the station."

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