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Kunlun Tongtai station forum "training student exchange zone" was established

have you ever participated in the training course for permanent reuse of input data held by our company all over the country? Do you have any more questions after you have participated in the training of using the experimental machine for a long time? Do you want to know what difficulties you have encountered with our software and hope to get our comprehensive service

in order to enable you to better receive our technical support, and enable the trainees of Kunlun Tongxing to have a communication platform across the country, while the latter can not guarantee the synchronization of transmission to affect the experimental results, the company forum has set up a "special area for trainees' communication". All students who have participated in the training course will get the ID number we registered for you. Enter our special area to communicate with our engineers and trainees on the key technologies involved in this topic, which have not been reported in the literature. The staff of the company's offices around the world will call you to tell you your ID number and password. If you want to know more details, please call your local office of Kunlun Tongtai

welcome to our "Kunlun Tongtai training student zone"

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