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Australia 1. According to gb6672 measurement experiment thickness, artificial intelligence is being used to "catch up" rather than achieve success

Deloitte has released a report on the status of global artificial intelligence (AI), indicating that Australian enterprises mainly use AI to "catch up" with competitors rather than "surpass". The "enterprise AI" report surveyed 1900 IT executives who have implemented or produced AI solutions for their companies in order to better understand the early adopters of AI. This material is currently very popular and how to use this technology. The main challenges faced by IT executives of early adopters include integrating AI into roles and functions, data problems, implementation difficulties, costs, and measuring the value of AI implementation

"the success of artificial intelligence depends on whether it is implemented correctly. Organizations must usually be good at various practices to ensure the success of artificial intelligence, including formulating strategies, pursuing correct use cases, establishing a data base, and cultivating strong experimental ability". According to the survey, 41% of Australian executives said that their companies either lacked AI strategies at all or had different departmental strategies, while the proportion of global executives was 30%. In addition, 49% of Australian executives believe that there is a "major to extreme AI skills gap" in the country, which is more than any other surveyed country

executives believe that the industry adopting AI will slow down, but only 38% of executives worldwide report that AI will bring the same impact to the industry in the same period of time. Deloitte said that the speed of industry transformation is getting slower and slower, which represents a window of opportunity for early adopters of AI to be ahead of competitors before the use of AI becomes an industry standard. Among the early adopters of artificial intelligence in Australia, 56% of executives believed that the use of artificial intelligence was crucial to the company's current success. When asked about the importance of artificial intelligence in two years, this figure rose to 79%

according to the report released by austcyber in 2018 [pdf], Australia will lose about $400million in income and wages due to skills shortages. The report also said that by 2026, 17600 additional network security professionals will be needed to meet the country's network security needs. At the same time, AI investment will increase globally, as 51% of early adopters worldwide expect to increase AI investment by at least 10% in the next fiscal year. According to the executives surveyed, the main benefit of investing in AI is that it improves products and services and optimizes internal business operations

last month, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) also stressed the need for the development of artificial intelligence in Australia, which includes an adequate framework to ensure that citizens are set up without appropriate ethical considerations

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