Australia launched a new light and shatterproof pe

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Australia launched a new light and shatterproof pet wine bottle

wolf Blass wines, a famous Australian wine company, recently launched a high-end wine called bilyara reserve. It is particularly noteworthy that this wine adopts a 750ml PET bottle with light germplasm, shatterproof and environmental protection, which is the first full specification pet wine bottle in the world

wolf Blass's pet bottle this time retains the function and aesthetic appearance of traditional glass bottles, and its capacity is the same as the standard 750ml wine bottle. The advantage of this pet bottle is that it is not fragile. In addition, its length is 33% shorter than that of traditional wine bottles, which is easier to store in refrigerators and cabinets

the new packaging provides consumers with more choices, greater convenience and environmental benefits. Therefore, the measurement and calibration of the experimental data of the tensile testing machine are closely connected with the anti-interference design

this new 750ml PET bottle can be completely recycled. The empty bottle weighs only 54 grams, which is 85% lighter than the traditional glass bottle. PET bottles are usually used in food contact packaging after recycling, forming a closed recycling

because the quality of pet wine bottles is reduced, it has great advantages in transportation, and the amount of each loading can be greatly improved. At the same time, the fuel consumption for transporting the same amount of wine is also relatively reduced, which meets the requirements of energy conservation, mixed ownership and environmental protection

transfer to performance standard: gb/t230.2 national standard and jjg112 verification regulation are contained in: plastic packaging

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