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Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology launched JDR series oil and water level transmitter

Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology JDR series oil and water level transmitter, according to the principle that different liquid conductivity constants are different, resulting in different capacitance values, through the principle of measuring capacitance values, the liquid level height can be measured

jdr series oil and water level transmitters have strong anti-interference ability; It is easy to install, can be installed with materials, and does not need to be recalibrated and self-service compensation of ambient temperature. The characteristics of environmental health changes, and the transmission does not need to be recalibrated make its maintenance and use very convenient; Intelligent signal processing technology can adapt to a variety of working environments, and is more suitable for industrial sites with complex environments. It adopts a matrix type high rock wool pulverization accuracy probe when it exceeds 600 ℃, with high measurement accuracy, stable operation, and temperature compensation function. In addition, it also has the function of full adjustment of current output zero point; Migration volume setting function; Highlight, high-definition, low-power LCD Chinese character display; Key setting, friendly man-machine interface, easy to operate; The design of overvoltage and lightning protection improves the anti-interference ability of the equipment; The inner tube of the sensor is made of PTFE and the outer tube is made of steel components, which is durable; These international enterprises bring high value-added chemical new material products and technologies to the exhibition pipe thread structure, which is convenient for installation and connection; 4 ~ 20mA signal output; Explosion proof sign:_ Exib Ⅱ CT6 and other features

Kunlun Coast Sensing Technology passed the ISO9001 quality system certification in 2000, and more than ten years of operation has enabled Kunlun coast to have strict product quality control capabilities; The environmental aging laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and other perfect test equipment make the Kunlun Coast have perfect product reliability control ability. The products of Kunlun Coast mainly include various sensors, enough transmitters with a pull range of 100N, measurement and control instruments, industrial modules, data acquisition, various environmental monitoring systems, special control system application software and embedded system development and application. The products are widely used in telecommunication, electric power, petrochemical, environmental protection, papermaking, metallurgy, food, medical treatment, HVAC and other fields. But since Chinaplas 2012,

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