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According to the provisions of the government procurement law of the people's Republic of China, the administrative measures for the bidding of goods and services purchased by the government and the Interim Measures for the administration of government procurement in Kunming, and the reply of the procurement management office of the government of Kunming Finance Bureau, the procurement project of laboratory testing instruments and equipment of Kunming University is qualified for bidding. Yunnan Yuanda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. is entrusted by Kunming University to conduct domestic public bidding for the procurement project of laboratory testing instruments and equipment of Kunming University (bidding No.: ydkmxy procurement-c). Bidders with the corresponding supply or ability to complete the project are welcome to participate in the bidding. The specific matters are as follows:

this bidding will be notarized at the bid opening site by the notary office

1. Basic information:

1.1 bidding No.: ydkmxy-purchase-c

1.2 bidding content: package a: Food and drug testing laboratory; Package B: supplementary basic chemistry experiment center; Package C: Instrument Analysis Laboratory; Package D: expand the chemical engineering principle laboratory

1.3 funding: implemented

1.4 sale time of bidding documents: September 30, 2011 to October 19, 2011 (08:30 ~ 17:30 every day, normal rest on holidays)

1.5 tender fee: ¥ 200.00 yuan/copy, non refundable after sales

1.6 location of bid: business department on the third floor of Yunnan Yuanda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd

1.7 bidding time: 13:00 ~ 13:30 on October 20, 2011 (Beijing time)

1.8 deadline for bidding: 13:30 on October 20, 2011 (Beijing time)

1.9 time of bid opening: October 2, 2011, the manufacturing technology level and overall strength will be further improved at 13:30 on October 0 (Beijing time)

1.10 place of bidding (opening): Kunming Construction Engineering Trading Center (8th floor, Jianye business center, No. 47 East Dongfeng Road)

1.11 bidding requirements: bid as a whole according to the package number

1.12 place of delivery: Kunming University (the place designated by the tenderee)

2. Qualification requirements of the bidder:

2 The installation distance of the sample can be adjusted freely; 1. The bidder must be registered in China and have independent legal personality

2.2 have the production or operation license and registration certificate of the bidding project, good reputation and strong strength (it is better to have a branch energy consumption cost reduction organization in Yunnan or an organization with independent legal person qualification in Yunnan)

2.3 the tenderer shall have good business reputation, similar supply performance and service experience, and good after-sales service ability

2.4 there is no major illegal record in participating in government procurement activities in the past three years

similar to polycarbonate 2.5 the bidder must have the legal representative or the authorized agent issued by the legal representative to carry the original of his ID card to participate in the bid opening of the project

2.6 Consortium: consortium bidding is not accepted for this project

2.7 other requirements: if the bidder is a distributor, it shall provide the original of the special authorization of the manufacturer of the bidding products for the project (the imported products are authorized by the general agent in China) or a copy of the long-term authorization (the original shall be brought to the bid opening site for future reference)

tenderee: Kunming University

Contact: Teacher Li

Contact: (0871)

bidding agent: Yunnan Yuanda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

address: No. 13, east section of Baiyun Road, Kunming (the third floor directly opposite to the provincial traffic police training center)

Contact: Lu Xingfen, Zhou Jie

Tel: (0871)

Fax: (0871)

Bank of deposit: Huitong branch of Yunnan branch of industrial and Commercial Bank of China

account name: Yunnan Yuanda Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.

account number:

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