The hottest kuralai launched new Ebar film materia

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Kulalai launched new Ebar film material

kulalai company of Japan recently launched a new generation of "Ebar" film material. The film has high gas barrier, shading and light shielding properties, which can effectively prevent packaged food from deterioration caused by the influence of light and oxygen

culera company has always been famous for producing "Ebar" high gas barrier film materials. "Ebar" has high gas barrier and good market response, but due to its high transparency, it has affected the expansion of its application field. PolyOne bought two companies with us $85.5 million nbsp; Build an advanced composite material platform, and the current new product will make up for this defect and greatly expand its coverage in the food packaging market. It can even be used to save images in the form of image files in areas other than food packaging, such as pharmaceutical supplies, cosmetics and beverage packaging paper containers

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