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Automatic pressure calibration and intelligent measurement management system jcpcs

in the field of industrial processes, enterprises need to periodically complete the calibration and verification of a large number of pressure measuring instruments. Because the calibration process is carried out one by one, and the calibration instruments currently used cannot output the verification reports of some energy-saving measures that meet the provisions of national standards. The following schemes are the verification reports of some energy-saving measures that have been used in the development and development of the experimental machine. In addition, most of them are non Chinese operation interfaces, so the staff have to manually complete a lot of repetitive work during the calibration, such as pressurization/decompression, data recording, error calculation Report filling, etc., resulting in low work efficiency, high labor intensity and cumbersome and complex process. The launch of jcpcs solves the above problems

product series and standard configuration:

jcpcs-101 series: pressure calibration, instrument management, HART communication

jcpcs-102 series: pressure calibration, instrument management

the host becomes f743b, and the system does not have Hart function. The other configurations are the same as jcpcs-101 series, and the models are jcpcs-102h, jcpcs-102m, jcpcs-102l respectively

jcpcs-101h: quotation of high pressure system (MPA): 152900

jcpcs-101m: quotation of medium pressure system (MPA): 144500

jcpcs-101l: quotation of low pressure system (-85kpa-2.5mpa): 152000

the system mainly includes: host, pressure module, pressure source, software, pressure accessories, standard certificate, workstation, etc

technical indicators (one year, 0-50 ℃):

main features:

range options

portable, desktop options

calibrated instrument type options

one, multiple calibration options

manual, automatic calibration options

independent use of instruments, composition of calibration system options

provides you with the most convenient, most suitable for the rapid development of global high technology, the most comprehensive and economical choice

main functions:

instrument management Establish appliance accounts

powerful retrieval function

flexible formulation of calibration plan

automatic test and capture results

automatic data processing

automatic printing of verification records in standard format and verification certificates

long-term preservation of historical data

expert system (error tips and error Countermeasures)

prefabricated calibration plan

retains all the functions of the original f744 or f743b

system software: JC link

pressure automatic calibration and intelligent measurement management system software, which is compiled on the basis of relevant National Pressure verification regulations and with reference to relevant ISO9000 standards. It adopts Chinese Windows98 operating system and has a very friendly operating interface. The verification operation is simple and convenient. In addition to the automatic calibration function, it also has the management function of measuring instruments and standards of the whole enterprise. It enables all inspected instruments to establish complete archives from the original data archive records after purchase, each verification and calibration, maintenance records to the final instrument scrap and withdrawal from use, as well as the weekly inspection and sampling inspection plan, and truly realizes the perfect combination of automatic calibration and information management

typical applications:

the pointer pressure gauge and pressure can be calibrated, and the room should have enough space for primary and secondary instruments such as transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, pressure regulating valve and pressure switch. A calibration table is equivalent to a modern standard pressure laboratory

it is widely used in the standard laboratories or measurement rooms of petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, national defense, instrument manufacturing and measurement departments, as well as enterprises. 1. The non verticality of the oil cylinder and piston of the host device will lead to the transformation of indication deviation level. Users cover all walks of life

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