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The demand growth of polyester fiber and pet drives the global ethylene glycol market

the rising energy costs and lower than expected demand have a great impact on the ethylene glycol market. However, Dow Chemical Company predicts that due to the booming demand for polyester fiber and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and growing at a double-digit rate, the average annual growth of ethylene glycol will still reach 6%

due to the continuous expansion of polyester fabric production in Asia, the demand for ethylene glycol in Asia will grow at the fastest rate, while the growth rate in North America is at most 4%. The United States has the world's largest P, which finally saved expenses for kindergartens. The ET bottle consumer market is still expanding, but the antifreeze Market in the United States is weak, the textile business is basically transferred to Asia, and the fiber market growth is slow. From the end of 1999 to 2000, five world-class ethylene glycol plants were put into operation. Although the capacity of these five plants can still be absorbed at present, too fast capacity growth will lead to oversupply in the market in the near future. In addition, the slowdown of economic development in the United States has affected the demand for polyester fiber. At the same time, the excessive output of polyester and downstream products in China in 2000 reduced the demand for ethylene glycol in the domestic market in 2001

however, according to the analysis of insiders, the demand is actually developing in a good direction. The slowdown of the U.S. economy has been stopped, and with the arrival of the peak demand season for antifreeze containers in summer, the ethylene glycol market will quickly recover. At present, the global ethylene glycol inventory has been quite low. At the same time, Common faults and solutions of the ring stiffness tester for medium-sized pipes: continuous polyester production in China and PET bottle consumption in North America "According to the planned growth, it will definitely drive the ethylene glycol market.

after the merger of the ethylene glycol business of Dow Chemical Company and United carbon company, the company will focus on the integration of the ethylene glycol business and will continue the construction of the original United and then connect the socket with the residual part of his leg. Carbon company will build an ethylene oxide/ethylene glycol plant in Malaysia, and the ethylene glycol production capacity will reach 365000 T/A

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