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National resource integration brings great development opportunities to the crusher industry

national resource integration brings great development opportunities to the crusher industry

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Guide: China's resource-based industry has been dominated by extensive development for a long time, with high mining costs and low benefits. At present, China's mineral enterprises are numerous and scattered, and the industrial concentration is too low, Due to the lack of sufficient market influence of large backbone enterprises and the problem of recycling value, Chinese mining enterprises do not have enough say in the world. China's economic development in 2009

China's resource-based industries have long been dominated by extensive development, with high mining costs and low benefits. At present, China's mineral enterprises are numerous and scattered, and the industrial concentration is too low. Large backbones can cut the front end of the printing paper into a 3-angle shape and push it into the paper inlet. Enterprises lack sufficient market influence, resulting in China's mining enterprises not having enough say in the world. In 2009, our R & D, inspection and testing institutions should carry out corresponding strict safety tests on battery products. China's economic development goals have been exceeded. Relevant departments pointed out that the current is a favorable opportunity for the integration of mineral resources: first, macroeconomic data show that the task of ensuring economic growth has achieved results, and the executive working meeting of the State Council proposed to accelerate the promotion of structural adjustment and the transformation of development mode; Second, the price of mining resources products is still in the shock adjustment stage, and will not rise significantly, which is conducive to the integration of mineral resources

national policies were issued in a timely manner to vigorously promote the pace of mergers and acquisitions of China's mineral enterprises. The Ministry of land and resources and other 12 central ministries and commissions jointly issued the "notice on further promoting the development and integration of mineral resources", hereinafter referred to as the "notice", requiring all provinces, regions and cities to accelerate the integration of mineral resources, including coal, iron, manganese, copper, aluminum, lead, zinc, molybdenum, gold, tungsten, tin, antimony, rare earth, phosphorus Potassium salt and other important minerals. Industry insiders believe that this marks the fast track of China's mineral resources integration. Among them, the integration of coal resources in Shanxi is only a microcosm of this tide of resource integration

from the perspective of the whole market economic situation, the integration of mineral resources has concentrated advantageous resources and eliminated backward productive forces, which will reduce the internal fighting of domestic resource-based enterprises and enhance the price control right of resource exports, so as to enhance China's voice in international market negotiations and improve the international competitiveness of China's mineral resources, which has many benefits for the development of China's mineral industry. But at the same time, resource integration also brings another economic problem, that is, where will the huge amount of private capital out of this integration go

private capital rushing into the "iron, public and basic" industries supported and encouraged by the state is bound to bring a huge development opportunity to the crusher and sand making machine industries. In fact, it can be seen from the previous national 4trillion economic stimulus plan that the state has spared no effort in investment in road transportation, urban construction and other infrastructure construction, and has also given strong support in policy. In the period of the 4trillion investment plan, we saw the opportunity as soon as possible, and the entrepreneurs who invested in the production of sandstone and aggregate have made a lot of money. This time, the national policy is tilted in this direction, and the private capital with a keen business sense will not miss this opportunity. Therefore, the crusher and sand making machine industry will also usher in a huge development opportunity

we will vigorously develop basic equipment such as railways, highways and strong beams. The largest demand is high-quality sand and gravel aggregate. Generally, for a capital construction project, if the materials are small, it can be purchased directly from small sand and gravel yards, but the construction period is long and there are many engineering consumables, so it is necessary to establish a special sand and gravel production base, and the sand and gravel can specifically meet the needs of high-speed roads. Generally, a sand and gravel yard is invested, and its sand and gravel system is mainly composed of coarse crushing workshop (including rod mixing and screening), screening workshop, medium crushing workshop, sand making workshop, inspection and screening workshop, semi-finished product stockpile, regulating stockpile, finished aggregate yard, control system and its auxiliary facilities. The system configuration of the sand and gravel yard is as follows:

(1) semi finished product processing, mainly composed of coarse crushing workshop (jaw crusher as the main equipment) and semi-finished product storage yard. It is mainly used to process the materials from the quarry into 150mm semi-finished products

(2) finished product processing: it is composed of screening workshop (circular vibrating screen, vibrating feeder), medium crushing workshop (cone crusher), sand making workshop (PCL sand making machine, VSI sand making machine and 5x sand making machine), inspection and screening car and sand making adjustment yard. Its main task is to process semi-finished products into four kinds of finished aggregates: 0~4.75mm, 4.75~19mm, 19~37.5mm and 37.5~75mm. The purpose of the sand making workshop is to process the 37.5mm excess material into 4.75mm fine aggregate to supplement the deficiency of natural sand and adjust the fineness modulus of natural sand

(3) finished aggregate storage yard: the finished aggregate storage yard is equipped with five silos and three aggregate silos, including two sand silos, one for natural sand and the other for artificial sand

at present, most of the sand and gravel aggregate production equipment in China is produced and supplied by domestic professional manufacturers, and the product quality can be comparable with international brands, competing with them in the international market. Henan Liming Heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. summarized a complete set of sand and stone investment data analysis reports from the investigation of sand and stone yards, mining sites, construction sites and other places, for the reference of Liming heavy industry technology sand and stone investment users. Investment in sand and stone materials depends first on the demand side of sand and stone materials and the projects to which the finished aggregate produced is provided. Sand and gravel are mainly used to provide concrete, building aggregates, and granular loose materials that play the role of skeleton or filling in concrete. It is divided into coarse aggregate and fine aggregate. Coarse aggregate includes pebble, crushed stone, waste residue, etc., and fine aggregate includes medium and fine sand, fly ash, etc

strength casts the brand. Liming heavy industry technology has specialized in serving domestic and foreign sand and gravel aggregate investment producers for more than 20 years, and has won the affirmation of our customers with excellent product quality and professional technical support. With the times and harmonious development, liming heavy industry technology looks forward to sincere cooperation with all sectors of society to create the future

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